Rights & Inclusion Australia CRPD WORKSHOP Program

Initial Workshop HWNS Sydney 25 November 2010

February 2011 – comments & suggestions

The Workshop was attended by approximately 50 delegates representing all stakeholders – including people with a disability, advocates, DPOs, service providers and government. People attending the Workshop were from around Australia, together with delegates from Fiji and Hong Kong.

Rights & Inclusion Australia thanks everyone who attended and contributed to the success of our inaugural CRPD Workshop.

Comments on 25 November CRPD Workshop

Excellent overview of many issues. Good to have broad cross- section of presenters

Lots of important issues put across

Excellent. Challenging to service provider organizations – any engagement of stakeholders with service providers is welcome.

Excellent inaugural meeting – great initiative. Good speakers – broad coverage, well organized. Maybe in small groups and have people introduce themselves, time dependent.

Excellent workshop. Good balance of international and domestic, but disorganized and go for longer please.

Thanks for a very informative afternoon. I appreciated the efforts to be inclusive with the media and sign interpreters.

Suggestions for future CRPD Workshops / events

Ideas so far sound good – consider needs of people who have communication disabilities / using augmentative and alternative communication, as many issues in this area need a lot of support.
May be beneficial to split into domestic CRPD implementation and international in future especially for overseas visitors.

Email forum for discussion.

Familiarisation with content of CRPD.

Key areas – corporate / employment – try and get Debra Perry ILO Geneva.
Children with disabilities – assess situation in Australia.

Relating CRPD to service providers in their day to day context.

There is a great need for more awareness to be created within Australia about the CRPD and that this might be the focus of future workshops.

Disability and the criminal justice system and legal rights building grass roots advocacy to support exercise of rights.

Supporting developing countries in region to implement CRPD.
Accessibility to ICT.

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