• Three photographic images: 1. young woman in wheelchair, cutting vegetables on kitchen table. 2. Middle-aged man with prosthetic leg, walking into surf with surfboard under his arm; 3. three work colleagues, two women and one man, looking at laptop computer screen on table. Man in wheelchair.
  • Three photographic images: 1. Image of legs of person walking across tactile indicators to a ramped footpath, with their white cane; 2. Two young women sitting on a couch, talking. Potted indoor plants on window ledge and floor behind them. 3. Man with walking stick, walking with his dog along a broad, tree-lined path
  • Three photographic images: 1. Image of couple sitting in cinema watching a screen – the man is vision impaired; 2. Image of three people, two women and one man, at a bar having a drink – toasting each other with raised glasses. One of the women is in a motorised wheelchair; 3. Image of accessible car parking bay with wheelchair disability symbol painted in the middle, with a car driving past.

Images sourced from Pexels

Rights & Inclusion Australia (R&IA) is a national Disabled People's Organisation promoting the rights and inclusion of people with disability, with a focus on accessibility in the built environment. R&IA activities include work with First Nations people and Asia Pacific programs. R&IA is a member of the Pacific Disability Forum (PDF) and Asia Pacific Disability Forum (APDF).



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News & Updates

Welcome to R&IA’s new website!

R&IA’s new website is finally here. R&IA acknowledge the generous support of the ACT Government, through the ACT Office for Disability, in developing the website.

Over the coming months you will find more information here, with new content being added as developed. This website is the primary source of information on R&IA activities, including for the Opening the Door Project that we are delivering with our partners. We welcome your comments on any aspects of the website, including accessibility. Please email reply@riaustralia.org.

Please also consider subscribing to R&IA’s monthly eNewsletters, and eBulletins. We will send out eBulletins as we have relevant time-bound information to share - this includes discrete eBulletins for the Opening the Door project.

Logo for R&IA Forum, with text: Rights & Inclusion Australia Annual Forum - Opportunities for an Inclusive Housing System. Graphic image of person in a wheelchair between 6 house forms.

R&IA's annual forum had a focus on the approval of accessible housing standards to the National Construction Code 2022 and addressing the challenges to adoption by NSW and SA.

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Opening the Door Project

The Opening the Door project aims to support people with disability to achieve choice and control with their housing options. To learn more about the project and to access useful links and resources, go to the Opening the Door project page by clicking on the logo.

Click on the thumbnail below to see the ‘Introduction to the Project’ video. Other project videos, including an overview of the Australian housing context, can be viewed on the Opening the Door page.

Introduction to the Opening the Door project (Video 1)

Easy Read Guide – Word - PDF

Opening the Door Facebook Discussion Group (private)

The Opening the Door Facebook Discussion Group is a private, online forum for people with disability and carers to engage on housing issues that they want to discuss with others. The group is moderated by R&IA. Click on Facebook icon below.

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Opening the Door Project Logo

Building Better Homes - A National Building Code for All Australians

The NSW, WA and SA are yet to commit to implementing accessible housing to the new 2022 National Construction Code. We only have until the end of the year to help them get on the right path. To contact your government to let them know how important accessible housing is for ALL Australians click on their logo.  Rights & Inclusion Australia is an active partner in the Building Better Homes campaign.


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